Col·legi Manjón Education Palma Balears, Illes

Cooperative values

Educate with the aforementioned cooperative values and principles.

The Catalan language of our center

The Catalan language is the vehicular language and teaching-learning of ours

downtown It is the basic tool for the relationship between all the members of our educational community (teachers, pupils). It is also in the field of administrative management and external communications. Our center guarantees the oral, written and comprehension of the two official languages (Catalan and Spanish) upon completion of mandatory schooling.

Relation to the social environment

Work on the ties and roots of the school center with our social environment (the neighborhood, the city and the islands), with the knowledge of traditions, customs, culture, language, in order to move towards the Full social and cultural integration of our children and youth in the community.

Ideological pluralism and democratic values

Educate in the respect of all religious ideologies and beliefs, in solidarity, justice, dialogue, non-discrimination. The objective is to train critics with our society able to think, reflect, make decisions and act from personal freedom.

Open to the world

In addition to learning to love our islands, the school wants to educate in the respect of all the places and cultures of the world. That is why we encourage learning and mastery in the absence of a foreign language to facilitate communication beyond our environment.

Joint work

Work with families in order to achieve a conscious involvement in the education of their children. Interest in school education is a fundamental and indispensable pillar for the success of your children.

Environmental values and ecological awareness

Promote and develop programs related to the study, the safeguarding of the environment, rationalization of natural resources, waste treatment, recycling, etc.

Promote and enhance the student's abilities with the study

We believe that it is necessary to encourage the student a curious, critical and investigative attitude that, through communication and work, will become the basis of their training and the acquisition of learning.

Individualized education

Promote personalized and appropriate attention to the evolutionary rhythm and intellectual capacities of each child.

Integration of new technologies in education

Learn how to use new technologies correctly as a tool for learning and searching for information.